Life Section Studio

Life Section Studio

portfolio of works by Elisabeth Vitswamba

TESOL was outgrowing it's old campus and requested a phased master plan for a narrow plot of empty land immediately outside of the city. We organized the phases to match with the predicted future growth of the school and shifting program. The plan is composed of several variations of school blocks that are oriented to maximize shade and ventilation, and allow for simple and affordable construction. The master plan included electrical, water, waste water, and site drainage solutions.

master plan for The English-speaking School Of Lubumbashi in DR Congo, completed with Engineering Ministries International in 2013

completed with team of one other architect (project lead) and three civil engineers

The plan at final build-out is divided into primary and secondary school classroom clusters. A long covered walkway provides access and strong views across the site, and offers sheltered areas for students to wait to be picked up by their parents. Additional arcades along the rows of classrooms allow for classes to overflow to the outside, and for students to navigate between classes while being protected from the sun and rain.